Duet Pro is our in-app subscription that'll allow you to turn your iPad into a drawing tablet using the Apple Pencil – unlocks a whole suite of features including: tailored algorithms for faster drawing response, pressure & tilt control, multi-touch gestures, zoom & pan, hover, line smoothing, color calibration, Pixel Perfect image refresh, and also lets you connect your iPad wirelessly!

  1. To sign up for Duet Pro on Mac or PC you just need to access the following link through your web browser: https://rdp.duetdisplay.com/login and create your account by clicking on Sign up – here's how
  1. You should then receive a confirmation e-mail – please verify it (make sure to also check your spam box)
  1. 確認が取れたら、先ほど作成したアカウントを使ってサインインします。
  1. Then, select Pro for just $29.99 per year, enter your payment information and click on "Submit"
  1. You got it! You should now be able to turn your iPad into a graphics design tablet plus connect wirelessly or through the Remote Desktop feature to your desktop. Now just Sign In on Duet's desktop UI using the same account you've just created in our website – here's how:
  1. 下記のように「画面共有を有効にする」にチェックが入っていることを確認してください。
  1. 最後のステップとして、iPadでサインインに進みます。ワイヤレス接続には Duetタブを使用し、リモートデスクトップの場合は Air タブを使用します。

でサインアップ iOS
  1. Open Duet on your iPad and tap on "Sign up" – if you already subscribed through your desktop, there's no need to subscribe through your iOS device – "Sign In" instead
  1. Read the Privacy Policy and tap "Continue". As soon you do that, you'll get an e-mail requesting your account's verification – please verify it. Once you do that, the process should be successful

  1. To subscribe to Duet Pro, launch Duet Display and press the Pro button on Duet's app on your iPad
  1. Select the Duet Pro subscription button – "Start 1 Week Trial"
  1. パスワードを入力して購入を確認
  1. サブスクリプションの確認
  1. その後、"Welcome "画面を取得する必要があります - 利用可能なジェスチャーを表示するには、次へを押してください。

  1. You should now be able to make use of your iPad as a graphics design tablet plus connect wirelessly or through the Remote Desktop feature to your desktop. Proceed to also Sign In on Duet's desktop UI – make sure to use the same account you just created and to have "Screen Sharing Enabled" checkmarked on the Profile tab. For wireless connection use the Duet tab and for Remote Desktop use the Air tab

If for any reason the Pro button isn't showing up, please use this link: duetdisplay://openStorePanel on your iPad – it'll force the button to appear. If you're still having trouble, try changing the iPad's name to "iPadPro" – without quotations – that should do the trick!

If by any chance you stumble upon any minor hiccup, please reach out to us at team@duetdisplay.com – we're happy to help out!